Pre Planning Funerals

Plans suitable for all situations

Paying Towards a Funeral

A Funeral Trust plan allows you to set money aside, in trust, for your final farewell or for that of a loved one.

Prepaying towards a funeral means when the time comes loved ones can gather together, support one another, and remember and celebrate a life, without the responsibility of making difficult choices in very emotional circumstances.

For more information visit The Funeral Trust website or contact us.

Planning For Peace of Mind

Pre-planned Funerals are taken out for a variety of reasons such as peace of mind, but also to ensure you receive the funeral you’d like. Pre-arranging your funeral in advance and recording your instructions; helps ensure that when the time comes your wishes are known.

We offer the ability to preplan and pre-arrange your funeral online with ease.

To pre-arrange a funeral or for more information please contact us.

Would you like to start Preplanning your Funeral?

Fill out our online Funeral Preplanning form. Or, if you prefer, submit your name and address to request a paper package for preplanning funerals. We will mail all the info you need right to your door. Fill out the booklet and mail it back to us or feel free to drop it off.